I went travelling in 2010 and decided to do a food blog - http://doesithavenutsin.wordpress.com/ - as a record of where I went and what I ate along with impressions of the countries I visited. I enjoyed writing it and missed it when I got back to the UK, so I decided to start writing 'What's for tea today?'.

It's not meant to be an exhaustive record of what I have for tea every day, just the stuff I think feel it's worth writing about. I'll write about what I cook and eat at home, what I eat out when its good and probably when its bad as well, cookery books, recipes and other food stuff.

Thankfully I got a job a few of months ago, which is going well, so I'm no longer unemployed. Now the challenge is making sure I still give myself the time to write. It does mean I look at a computer screen a lot!

When I was out of work, well, when we were out of work actually 'cos the missus was unemployed as well (not an easy time) we enjoyed the challenge of making sure we ate well on a budget. I don't think being out of work should mean economising to the point where you can't eat good food. It does mean that you have to exercise those creative muscles a bit more, which can only be a good thing.

Now I'm working we can afford to spend a bit more on food, and wine! It's so nice to be able to go and get a few bottles every pay day. And it means I can get into food and wine matching a bit more.

I'm not a professional writer or cook, just someone who enjoys eating. Its not always fancy stuff, beans on toast with a poached egg can sometimes be our tea. I doubt I'll write about that though!