Recipes were where it all began for this blog. I like reading recipes and I like trying them out. It's helps to broaden your mind and educate your taste buds about taste. What goes with what, what really doesn't, what might if you put your mind to it.

Mostly when I write about recipes I'm really writing a review of them. Did it work and did the dish I ate taste good?

Below are some of my favourites:

Duck confit, white bean mash and blackberry sauce.

A salad of nectarine, feta, mint and seeds, one of my own as it happens!

Braised pig cheeks with apple risotto, another one of mine.

Risotto of crab and butternut squash

Pasta with rabbit ragu

Lamb meatballs with romesco sauce

Grilled mackerel with minted potato salad

Mussels with chorizo

And of course, Jamie Oliver's Brisket Chilli

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