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Food and wine matching is something I've been enjoying more and more as I've got more into food and more money into my bank account! Not that wine has to be expensive to be good. There's a sweet spot to be found between £8-£15 where you can buy and, dare I say it, experience, some very good wine.

With such a choice of wine available finding the right place to buy it and the right person to buy it from will help you get more enjoyment out of you wine, and any food and wine matches which you might have in mind. It can feel quite awkward the first few times you go into a wine shop and ask one of the members of staff for a recommendation. But it's what they're there for, and you'll often pick up a bit more information about wine along the way.

I always give a budget. Unless I'm in the market for a £50 bottle of wine, and I can't say I ever have been, there's not much point in having one suggested to me. "Around a tenner" works fine. That will cover wines up to about £15, and those around the £8 mark, right in that sweet spot.

I've been lucky recently to have been having some recommendations on American wine from Wine Chateau. That's Twitter for you. A couple of the food and wine matches I've tried recently can be found at the following links:

Gnocchi and cheese sauce with Pinot Gris

Roast chicken, braised lettuce and peas with Chardonnay

I was also given a great recommendation for pairing Riesling with Kedgeree by Corks of Cotham.

And this is one of my own - Duck confit, white bean mash and blackberry sauce with Pinotage.

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